A bit about me and my techniques

I come from a family which is perpetually making and creating, so art and expression of self in art was encouraged and promoted from my early years and continues to play an integral role in my life Ö. It nurtures my soul. 

My greatest inspiration is nature and all things organic.  Creating pieces, which involve flowers, birds, sea life and pieces of glass, which look like polished rocks and gemstones, are my main focus of play.  I lampwork almost daily and have done so since 1997 Ö if I am unable to get to my torch regularly, I am known to start frothing at the mouth Ö itís true Ö ask my husband!  My main areas of production are making beads; buttons; vessels; and wine bottle stoppers.  My attraction is for large focal beads which make a statement.  Try as I might, I just cannot sit and do a set of beads and feel that I've thoroughly enjoyed the process.

Being in Australia, there really were not many lampworkers here when I started.  That story is quickly changing though and I have loads of company now - a wonderful change for us here.  I have had the very good fortune of being able to do TWO courses with Loren Stump and also one with Kate Fowle Meleney.  Apart from these experiences, I am largely self-taught, studying through books, chat forums on the web and trial and many many errors.  I owe much of my inspiration to the wonderful support I have received from other lampworkers on the web, who have been incredibly generous in sharing their knowledge and experience.  That way, I havenít always had to reinvent the wheel!

I now exhibit yearly at the Australian Craft Show; take regular part in exhibitions around my state; and of course, attend the annual Bead and Gem Show both in Sydney and Melbourne.




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