Favourite Links .........have fun!

(in alphabetical order)

Glass Beadmakers' Info:  The online community for glass bead makers ... a great website set up for lampworkers from Australia; New Zealand; and surrounding regions.  This guild is open for everyone of course ... but also has specific information for glassies down this neck of the woods.

GlassArtists.org - Online Gallery for Glass Artists:  a free online photo gallery where glass artists can display photos of their art. Create your very own online portfolio gallery to display photos of your artwork.

International Society of Glass Beadmakers (ISGB):  this website is set up for lampworkers from all around the world and has great links and a forum on it as well.

Oxygen generator:  I started using the OG-20 in 2006 and am totally in love with my wonderful unit.  Free oxy forever ... well ... gotta fork out for the unit first but given it pays itself off in no time, it does end up being free (nope ... I'm not getting any freebies for saying this).  Go to this site for more information ... ogsi ... Our very own distributor here in Australia is Hugh Graham and he can be reached on mobile number 0403 921 723.  Hugh is a wonderfully helpful person and can speak tech talk in plain English.

Wet Canvas (WC!):  cyber living for artists.  My favourite lampworking channel!



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